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About Us

At Digital Capital NFT, we see investing differently. Today’s financial system is complex, exclusive and expensive - making it hard for the typical person to start investing.

So, we’re building a platform without digital walls and complex barriers. A platform that empowers you to see new possibilities for your money - and helps make them a reality.

Our mission and values

Who we are

Digital Capital NFT was founded in 2021 with the aim of making investing accessible for everyone. Our goals since day one was to reimagine what it means to invest, by making simple, easy-to-use financial products for everyone.

Now, 8 years later, and with more than 50 team members and 1500 users, we're one of the fastest growing fintechs in USA. With a PSD2 payment service provider licence, state-of-the-art security and streamlined user experience, we make it possible for both first-time investors and seasoned experts to invest in what they believe in.

Our user-friendly, trade-everything platform empowers you to invest in the stocks, cryptocurrencies and metals you want — with any amount of money.


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1500 +

Team members

50 +

What we do

About us

Our user-friendly, trade-everything platform empowers you to invest in the stocks, cryptocurrencies and metals you want, with any amount of money.

Buy, sell or swap 100+ digital assets like crypto, stocks, precious metals, ETFs and crypto indices.

Invest in any asset on Digital Capital NFT from $1

Automate regular investments with savings plans

Wide range of payment and payout providers

Use USD, EUR, CHF, GB or TRY to pay or cash out

Why Investors Choose Digital Capital NFT

Our Features


With the industry’s longest track record, Digital Capital NFT is the trusted partner for institutional and individual investors interested in digital currencies and the growing digital economy.


Investors can seamlessly purchase Digital Capital NFT products in their IRA or other investment accounts directly via brokerage platforms.


Digital Capital NFT is a digitally-native company, and has unique, early insight into innovations with growth potential in the digital economy.


Digital Capital NFT’s products operate within existing regulatory frameworks, and its hallmark products are the first SEC reporting funds in the industry.

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